​Three Reasons To Trust Our Mira Vigour Installation

The best thing about your home’s shower will be the comfort you feel every time you step under that familiar flow of water. What makes the difference and what will ensure that your shower is perfect for your home is by investing regularly in the latest electric shower technology. Our team at Dublin Shower Repair can provide you with Mira Vigour installation across the city for your home which will provide you with the newest product for your bathroom.

Why choose our Mira Vigour installation in your bathroom?

Mira are regarded as one of the most reputable brands in the shower world. Electric and digital shower styles ensure that they retain their standing as a leading supplier of shower sets. Our team of experts at Dublin Shower Repair are passionate about the difference the Mira Vigour can make to your home. This is because you will gain these unparalleled benefits:

  • Thermostatic power shower: Easy to adjust and simple to get the heat that you want on any given day, the thermostatic dial is perfect for the family home.
  • Easy cleaning shower head: The five-spray shower head has rub clean nozzles which save time and effort when cleaning.
  • 14 litres per minute: If you are looking for a powerful and consistent flow of water from your shower, the Mira Vigour is absolutely perfect.

To discover more about our Mira Vigour installation in Dublin, get in contact with us.

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