Mira Elite ST Satin Pumped Electric Shower



Mira Elite ST Pumped Electric Shower Satin Chromeiis no longer available. It has been replaced with the Mira Elite QT

We may be able to change your old Mira Elite ST for a Triton T90SR Silent shower. From €335 supplied & fitted Triton electric showers are a sturdier build than Mira electric showers & from our experience give around 25% less problems over its longer lifespan. The Triton T90SR is also the quietest pumped electric shower on the market.
See the video above and you decide for yourself what the quietest pumped electric shower on the market is.

This is the electric pumped shower you need if you’re looking for a tank fed shower (99% of homes in Dublin need this as opposed to mains fed).
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The Mira Elite ST Satin Chrome Pumped electric shower is The ideal choice for low pressure water systems. Perfect if your water pressure is too low or erratic for a standard electric or mixer shower.

Advanced pressure stabilised temperature control keeps your selected showering temperature consistent
Separate power and temperature/flow controls to fine tune your perfect shower
Push button on/off so you can leave the power and temperature controls at your preferred setting
An integrated pump provides a strong and consistent flow, whatever the temperature
Sensi-flo™ prevents scalding in the event of a loss of water pressure or if the showerhead or hose become blocked
Clearscale™ technology cuts limescale by half for a better performing, longer lasting shower
Opti-flo™ optimises flow throughout the year
Phased shutdown flushes hot water from the tank to make it safe for the next user

For a new install we send out an Electrician & a Plumber so you know the wiring & plumbing are up to standard.
Fitting Triton showers since 1990

We offer a repair service on all Mira & Triton showers using genuine Mira & Triton parts for Dublin & surrounding areas.

(Trained by Triton U.K. for installing & repairing showers)

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