Three Reasons To Choose Our Mira Vigour Installation

A new shower will breathe life into your bathroom. Not only will you be certain to have a more enjoyable shower without needing to worry about replacing your old one, you will have access to a range of benefits depending on the model that you choose. At Dublin Shower Repair we have become a leading supplier and fitter of Mira products from across their range.

One of the best products in this selection is the Mira Vigour – which we can have installed in your home with ease. To help you discover the benefits of choosing the Mira Vigour and what makes it a great investment, here are three reasons to help you:

  1. Affordable option: You can have the Mira Vigour installed in your home for just €365.00. This includes both the supply and installation of your new shower.
  2. Temperature stability: The thermostatic shower is great for maintaining the right temperature for the duration of the shower without any worries. Perfect for the family home.
  3. Five spray showerhead: The diverse holes will offer both a powerful and unique sensation while you are showering. You can also benefit from easy cleaning due to its rubber nozzles.

If you would like to discover more about our Mira Vigour installations, speak with us today.