Electric Shower Installation


If you are looking for a brand new electric shower installation you have come to the right place. An electric shower will transform your bathroom and your home. You’ll never again need to wait for you water to heat up.
You will always have instant hot water to shower in all year round.

The most popular Pumped electric showers are the Triton T90SR & the Mira Elite QT

We only use Triton and Aqualisa trained plumbers for the electric shower installation and always bring a RECI certed electrician for the electrical work. You can relax knowing we are one of the very few shower installation companies that send out both, certed plumbers and electricians for a new install.

Power Showers


Our power showers will pump out 10 to 18 litres per minutes. The most popular power showers are the Aqualisa Aquastream up to 18 LPM, Aqualisa Hydramax up to 14 LPM, Triton AS2000XT up to 14 LPM & the Mira Vigour up to 14 LPM