Air locked shower


You can get an airlock in your electric shower if the level of the water in the attic tank drops too low. This happens a lot in winter if Irish water need to reduce the water pressure due to leaks after a cold snap. This happen also in summer during a prolonged hot, dry spell. Again Irish Water may need to reduce water pressure at night to conserve water. Other causes could be a faulty ballcock on the attic tank not letting the tank fill fast enough or a leak an the water main.

  • Remove the shower head, it screws off.
  • Let the shower hose hang straight down in the bath or shower.
  • Turn the flow dial all the way anti clockwise. (usually the bottom dial)
  • Turn the power selector to blue (usually the top dial)
  • Turn on the shower. This usually clears an airlock within 30 seconds or so
  • If this doesn’t clear the airlock call us on 0872885385 & we can walk you through other steps. Please have the make and model at hand before calling so we can help you better.

Electric shower going hot & cold
An electric shower going hot & cold means there is a restriction of water going through the shower. This is much more noticeable or extreme in warmer weather. Usually there are three things the homeowner can check and possibly rectify themselves.

  • Shower head

This is the simplest thing to check. Unscrew the shower head and run the shower without the head. If you can regulate the temperature without the head attached then the issue is with the head itself. If you don’t have a genuine Triton / Mira shower head this could be the problem. If you do have a genuine Triton / Mira shower head then it most likely needs to be descaled. Leave it steeping in white vinegar overnight to descale it. We have replacement shower heads on our on line store

  • Hose

It’s possible that the rubber tubing inside the shower hose has collapsed. Unscrew the head from the hose and the hose from the shower. Usually you can see if the tubing has collapsed, if not I would run the shower without the hose or with a different hose to see if the problem has vanished. If it is the hose and it needs replacing I suggest genuine Triton or Mira hoses. These are designed for electric showers and will have the correct diameter hole. If the diameter is too small it will restrict the water again causing it to go hot and cold.

  • Filter

The last thing to try is the filter. Usually this is inside the shower. Don’t forget the golden rule of making sure that the power is off to the shower before ever removing the cover. Once you are certain the power is off remove the cover and find the filter. We have most installation manuals on the site free to download if you can’t find your own copy. You might need to shut off the water supply to some showers. Remove the filter and clean if necessary. Put the filter back in. On some showers you may need to commission the pump. Again this is simple and is explained in the installation manual. Put the cover on, turn the water on & turn the power on. If you still have the same issue at this stage then most likely your shower is so clogged with limescale that the element or the shower needs replacing.

Most often it’s the shower head causing the problem. If you have any question or need help please call us on 0872885385. Always have the make and model at hand before calling so we can help you better.