Triton T90SI Pumped Electric Shower

Triton T90SI replaced with the Triton T90sr Silent shower €335 supplied and fitted


Triton T90si pumped electric shower came out around 2000. (It replaced the T90i) This in turn was replaced by the Triton T90xr around 2007. This was then replaced by the Triton T90Z in 2011.
You can still get some spare parts for the Triton T90SI pumped electric shower. Triton stopped making new parts for the Triton T90SI in 2015. The average lifespan of an electric shower is 10 years. We strongly advise against repairing electric showers after 10 years
If you need to change your broken Triton T90si the latest model, the T90SR is the perfect replacement.

Triton T90SR €335 supplied & fitted Here

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Triton T90SI repaired or replaced, same or next day service
We offer full repair & replacement service for the Triton T90s
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